When anything get’s as much attention as the Pebble has it is a sure sign it will eventually turn up in China as a more affordable clone.

Pebble were one of the first to offer a wearable device which can sync with your Android or iOS device and keep you up to date with notifications without having to pull out your phone all the time.

With the Pebble now becoming more mainstream companies in China have started to take the concept and produce clones costing as much as half the price. The Zebble is one such device which is on sale now and can be had for 80 Euros!

Specs include an e-ink display, water-resistant design and one week battery life. The issue is the price though, at 80 Euros the Zebble is only slightly cheaper than the Pebble, but the Pebble has the added benefit of it’s own app store and developer support. Still if you are not to fussed about installing apps on your watch the Zebble could be a rugged entry device in to the world of wearable tech.

What do you think of devices like the Zebble? Are you a smartwatch wearer? Let us know what you think of wearable tech.

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