After doing so well with their first Android smart watch, Omate are now working on a follow up, with classy body and new features.

The original Omate was a simple, chunky, rubber bodied Android smartwatch which came to life thanks to receiving funding though Kickstarter. The original Omate has gone on to ship well (although I never did receive mine), and has created a vibrant community of fans and developers around itself.

For the second generation model, the Omate X, it appears the designers have taken a few styling lessons and we are going to see a metal and leather device that could rival newer Pebble and Android Wear models.

Omate will release the Omate X on the 1st September at a price of just $129, however earlier adopters can get a lower price of only $99.

With new devices from Lenovo, Asus and now Omate it looks like Android smart devices are here to stay.

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