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Samsung Galaxy M12Samsung Galaxy M12
Samsung Galaxy M12 Jade

The Samsung Galaxy M12 was recently launched in February and it succeeds the Galaxy M11 back in May 2020. The new Galaxy M12 features a very similar design to the Samsung Galaxy A12. Both smartphones look very similar in terms of design from the rear to the front. This can be a bit confusing to smartphone purchasers who might think that both devices have the same specs just because they look similar. Although most of the hardware capabilities are the same, there is just one major difference between the 2.

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Samsung Galaxy A12

Galaxy M12 vs Galaxy A12 Differences

I’m gonna cut right to the chase. The only major differences between the Samsung Galaxy M12 and the Samsung Galaxy A12 is the processor type and the battery capacity.

The Galaxy M12, which is the newer smartphone, is powered by an Exynos 850 processor which performs significantly better compared to the MediaTek Helio P35 processor on the Galaxy A12. According to a comparison by nanoreview.net, the Exynos 850 provides a better gaming performance and battery life compared to the Helio P50. However, the CPU performance on both processors is almost the same. The only part where the Helio P50 seems to have the advantage is when it comes to the CPU clock speed as it has a 15% higher speed clock.

If you’re looking to buy one of these devices for gaming purposes, the Galaxy M12 would be the better option. The fact that it also has a bigger battery by exactly 1000 mAh, means that you can game for longer hours.

Apart from the two differences above, there really no other differences between the 2 as the design is also the exact same. However, you have to pay $144 or Rs. 10,499 for the Galaxy M12 and $160 or Rs. 11,650 for the Galaxy A12.

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