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When it comes to tablet design, the iPad mini is one of the best looking and easy to handle out there, it’s just a shame it runs iOS! Fortunately Android tablet maker Ramos have their own version of the iPad mini called the Mini Pad which runs Android!

iPad mini clones are just starting to crop up, and while some of them do look promising it is nice to see a tablet from a larger known brand step in and produce a good alternative. And what a great alternative the Ramos Mini Pad is!

Just like Apples iOS running iPad mini, the Ramos Mini Pad has a 7.85-inch IPS display, but get’s a performance boost thanks to a quad-core processor!

We’re still waiting to hear what version of Android will be installed, what the battery size will , if there will be a 3G version and what the price of this 8.8mm thick iPad clone will be, but we don’t think it will be much more than $130!

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