No.1’s D3 wearable looks like and boasts features like most other budget wearables but this $22.99 smartwatch also packs a built-in call feature.

Generally smartwatches are only as smart as the phone they are connected too, meaning if you don’t sync your wearable with your phone via Bluetooth there isn’t a whole lot the watch can do.

So what about a wearable that doesn’t need a connected phone for some of its features? The No.1 D3 does all the usual activity and sleep tracking, and even comes with a pulse monitor, plus the $22.99 watch will even accept a SIM card for voice calls over GSM networks.

This would mean that even without a connected phone the watch can still make and receive calls from the wrist. Admittedly a 3G or LTE connection might have been more useful, but for less that $25 I guess No.1 couldn’t stretch the budget.

The D3 comes with a 240 x 240 resolution display, 32MB RAM, 32MB Memory and there is space for a 16GB SD card also. The device is already up for pre-order and will come in blue, white, pink, green or black colour options.

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