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The Motorola Xoom is out and about flaunting it’s dual-core CPU, Android 3.0 and cameras. The 10″ Samsung Galaxy Tab is on it’s way as is the HTC Flyer and ZTE’s tablet, but today the iPad 2 is on the way and this is what we expect to see!

The iPad 2, to keep up with the rest of the field, has to ship with at least a dual-core CPU and at least double it’s predessors RAM. So we expect to see a 1.2Ghz CPU and 1Gb RAM.

It’s also a given that the new iPad will get at least a front facing camera to make use of Apple’s Facetime application, but in our opinion will more than likely omit the inclusion of a rear camera. This is just one of the areas the current flock of Android 3.0 tablets will out shine the iPad 2.

Unlike most reports claming the iPad 2 will get Thunderbolt and an SD card reader, we serously can’t see that happening. The current (and still rather new) Macbook Airs don’t have Thunderbolt, and only the 13″ Air gets an SD card reader. We don’t expect the iPad 2 will outshine the Air’s in the Thunderbolt department and doubt apple will give the new iPad an SD card reader because…

Apple make money selling iPad’s with larger memory! The 64Gb model is nearly double the 16Gb in price! but does the extra memory really cost all that much extra?! Of course not. The inclusion of an SD card reader would seriously eat in to Apple’s profits. Take a look at Android though and SD card readers are standard!

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The latest LG Optimus has a 3D screen and cameras, will the iPad 2 get these function? Nope! Expect the inclusion of 3D once Apple have locked it down and have it playing how they want it i.e. making them more money!

It will be interesting to see what Apple has in store for us with its latest tablet, but we honestly can’t imagine it will be anywhere near as exciting as the current crop of Android tablets.

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