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The MGCOOL band 2 is MGCOOL’s first entry in the wearables world. The $19.99 (on presale) fitness band is an activity tracker that should help those people who want to exercise and have a log of what they’ve done.


MGCOOL says the Band 2 isn’t just another fitness tracker, it will also track steps, sleep, continuous heart rate and sports (which is what every fitness tracker does too, so it’s kinda confusing).

The Band 2 will send idle alerts to keep you active during the day. All the workout data will be collected and will be accessible on the companion app.

There are also some more smartwatch-like features like text and call notifications, smart auto alarm mode, calendar reminders, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp message notifications… exactly the stuff that was missing on the Hesvit G1 smart band.


The MGCOOL Band 2 is a mix of versatility and functionalities, it can also be used as a shutter for taking photos on your smartphone and also to control the music player.

The band will come with a 80mAh capacity battery which is rechargeable through USB, there’s also some internal storage to keep data on the device when not connected to a smartphone.


If you’re interested in getting the MGCOOL Band 2, you will find them over here.

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