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  • Post published:06/05/2021
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This weekend Google continued its regular celebration of inventors and inventions. This weekend saw Google replace the normal Google logo for an ice-cream sundae logo. Google explained that the logo is to celebrate the 119th anniversary of the invention of the popular ice-cream, nuts and fudge desert, but some are not so sure.

Android and tech blogs saw the latest logo as not only a celerbration, but also a hint at what the next addition of the Android OS will be named.

Android is currently on version 2.3 Gingerbread, however 2.4 has been spotted out and about on a few devices with rumors flying ar0und that it will be known as ice-cream. So will 2.4 be ice-cream or ice-cream sundae? or is sundae the code name for Android 2.5? or is it all just rumor?

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