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DesignCap review and full features
DesignCap Homepage

As a blogger and a writer, it can sometimes be very challenging to find posters for your articles as you’re trying to avoid infringing copyright issues. If you’re a writer, you know this can cause you a lot of problems that can even result in you losing your Google AdSense account.

That’s where DesignCap comes in. DesignCap is a graphic design web app that aims at making graphic design easy. With DesignCap you can make high-quality posters, images, and infographics for your Facebook page, youtube thumbnails, and post thumbnails for your websites too.

DesignCap doesn’t need any mad graphic design skills on anything complicated. All you need is to know what you really need/ want your poster to look like, be able to play around with the software’s customization and editing properties a little bit and you’re good to go. I don’t really have any graphic design skills but with DesignCap is easy to make what I want.

What to expect.

DesignCap caters to different organizations like Enterprises, Nonprofit/NGO, stores, and many others. However, before you get to choose your organization, you have to go through the free signup process.

After signing up with a free account, you choose which organization you belong to. This is so that DesignCap can suggest the best template design for depending on your organization. The screenshot below shows some of the options available in DesignCap.

DesignCap welcome pageDesignCap welcome page

After the signup process, DesignCap takes you to the homepage. The homepage is really user friendly and is full of different types of templates. The site is really easy to use because all you have to do is scroll until you find a template that you like and just click on it.

DesignCap homepageDesignCap homepage

As you can see from the image above, there are thousands of templates. This can come in handy, especially the social media graphic templates. I’m not a big-time Pinterest and the social media graphic templates have some really good templates. There’s also youtube channel art, Facebook cover, youtube thumbnail, twitter header, thumbnail banner, email header, Facebook post, Instagram post, and Instagram story. In short, it covers almost every social media platform.

This is an advantage for you if you’re a writer, YouTuber or blogger as you don’t always have to switch between software every time you need a banner or header for another social media platform and considering the templates are high quality, it might even drive more traffic to your site.

Once you select a template that you’d like to use, you can choose to customize it. Here you can choose the elements that you want to appear on the template, photo, make a chart, upload an image, insert text, modules and also change the background. You can customize it to your liking.

DesignCap template customizationDesignCap template customization


Free Plan

The free plan on DesignCap doesn’t offer much but it’s also helpful if you’re just looking to make a simple poster, twitter header, or infographic. The free Plan offers limited access to templates, limited stock media choices, 5 image uploads, 5 design saves, and a JPG export option.

Basic Plan

The basic plan goes for $4.99 a month. For me, I think this is a decent price especially for a student looking to make posters for a presentation or article. The basic plan offers unlimited templates, unlimited stock icons, unlimited modules, high-resolution PNG/ & PDF exports, 100 image upload limit, and a 100 design saves.

Plus Plan

I got the Plus plan and it’s amazing to use. The Plus Plan goes for $5.99 a month and this gives you unlimited access to resources. You get unlimited templates, unlimited stock icons, unlimited modules, high-resolution PNG/ & PDF exports, over 1000 image upload, and you can save over 1000 design. This is the best plan for an enterprise, NGO, or a huge institution like a university.

DesignCap Pros;

  1. Easy to use
  2. Beautiful interface
  3. Thousands of templates
  4. Caters for almost every major social media platform
  5. Large library of stock photos
  6. High-quality templates
  7. Doesn’t use a lot of bandwidth. (Not as much as I expected)
  8. There’s a free version
  9. There’s an autosave and manual save option so you don’t lose your progress.
  10. It’s all online so no need to download any huge software into your computer. This also reduces the chances of being infected by malware.
  11. No annoying ads or pop-ups

What I didn’t like (con’s);

  1. Not available on your mobile phone. I tried accessing DesignCap on my mobile phone and I got this disappointing page. Hopefully, a mobile version will be available in the future.
DesignCap mobileDesignCap mobile
  1. The free version offers limited templates and stock images. There’s also a 5 image upload limit and a 5 design save too.
  2. You need an internet connection to use it. This is pretty obvious.


DesignCap is a very useful graphic design web app. It’s light and easy to use. This web app is best if you’re looking to make posters for an event, store, Facebook page, and pretty much any social media platform. It’s also perfect for students who are looking for high-quality posters to use in a presentation or just blog posts. To be honest, DesignCap is perfect.

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