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Chuwi are well and truly on the Windows 10 train with yet another device set to launch by April. Here are the first images of the Chuwi HiBook.

So far we only have these images to work with, plus a release date of April 2016 (probably). We’re not sure on the size of the specs of the Chuwi HiBook, but going through the images we can learn a thing or too.

First of all this is a 2-1n-1 device and can either be used as a touch screen tablet, or docked in to a physical keyboard. The keyboard will connect via pins, and even has it’s own USB port.

chuwi hi book

Judging from the size of the keyboard we would guess that the tablet is going to be around 11-inches or so.

On the tablet portion of the device we can make out Intel logos, cameras and a whole range of ports to accept USB Type C, SD cards, and it looks like it might even be possible to use a SIM card too.

As already stated we don’t know what the price will be, but we expect it to be somewhere between the $200-$250 mark, but this all depends on the final hardware specifications.


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