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CHUWI has recently released a high cost-effective 2-in-1 Android tablet: CHUWI Hi9 Plus equipped with a 7000 mAh battery with Helio X27’s tri-cluster structure. In theory, the performance of CHUWI Hi9 Plus’s battery life should be very good. But in actual use, we will see how it works together through the actual measurement with a series of tests provided by the makers.

PCMark test

This test simulates daily usage, including web browsing, image editing, file copying, etc., until the power consumption reaches 20%, then it calculates the lasting time of the battery.

As we can see from the screenshot, CHUWI Hi9 Plus’s PCMARK test score is 8 hours and 46 minutes, which means that CHUWI Hi9 Plus can hold up the fort quite admirably in the endurance wars.

Five-hour battery-life test

This test is based on the combined usage for 5 hours, which includes 1h for video, 1h for gaming, 0.5h for music, 0.5h for communication, 1h for office work and 1h for web browsing.

The power consumption of CHUWI Hi9 Plus at each stage is recorded as follows:

As it can be seen in the figure, CHUWI Hi9 Plus can play video continuously for one hour on the most frequently viewed programs with only 9% power consumption. According to this ratio, CHUWI Hi9 Plus can theoretically play Netflix’s video for more than 10 hours, so plenty of juice for some binge watching.

In terms of game testing, they chose a popular game Jedi survival and gaming for one hour consumes 18% power. So you can realistically expects about five hours of heavy gaming time with CHUWI Hi9 Plus.

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After continuous use for five hours such as listening to music, completing office work as well as browsing news, CHUWI Hi9 Plus still has 45% of the remaining battery capacity, so the endurance tests are all pointing at a pretty solid battery specs for the tablet. Interesting choice for a late Xmas gift ?

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